Top 9 Strategies to NOT Gain Weight This Winter (… and even lose fat fast!)


1.    Shiver – single-digit snowstorms probably aren’t your favorite weather, but knowing you’re burning fat might make them a little more tolerable. When you shiver, your muscles involuntarily clench to generate heat. As a result, you burn up to four times as many calories as your cold-weather escaping friends lying on a breezy beach in… [Continue Reading]

Stay Healthy Through the Holidays


For many people, the holiday season is not only a time of joy and excitement, but also a time of added stress and frustration.  Maintaining healthy habits when we are busy and stressed can be difficult, but it is more important than ever to stay the course and make healthy choices.  Making up for it… [Continue Reading]

5 Steps to Inspired Goals That Stick


There is an excitement of new beginnings in the air this time of year.  September rings in a transition to a new season and the beginning of a new school year.  It’s also the start to a new year of my life on this planet (otherwise known as my birthday), so I’ve always felt a… [Continue Reading]

3 Steps to Your Perfect Diet


While the latest diet craze might try to convince you that there’s a single foolproof way of eating that works for everyone, I’m sure your life experience has taught you otherwise.  If you’ve ever traded diet strategies with a friend, you’ll know what I mean. Your friend may have thrived on a vegan diet, but… [Continue Reading]

Cooling Summer Yoga Pose


As summer approaches, practicing yoga indoors is a wonderful way to beat the heat.  Forward bends, which include poses such as Adho mukha virasana, or Child’s Pose help to calm and cool the nervous system.  Other benefits of practicing Child’s pose include relief of tension and pain in the lower back, as well as an… [Continue Reading]

5 Essential Ingredients for Any Cleanse or Detox Program


There’s no doubt that in the modern world, our bodies have to deal with high levels of toxicity.  From environmental toxins to food additives, the simple fact is that we’re living in a time where we come into contact with MORE chemicals and pollutants than EVER before.   With poor diets, high levels of stress,… [Continue Reading]

Go for Greens


If there’s one color that you can strive to have more of on your plate, it’s GREEN!  The color green is associated with spring, a time of renewal, and vital energy.  We know vegetables are the scarcest food in the American diet, and leafy green vegetables are the most lacking of all.  Leafy green vegetables… [Continue Reading]

How to Be A Chocolate Snob


Who can resist that rich, divine, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that only chocolate can provide?  It’s undeniable that chocolate is divine, but not all chocolate is created equal and it’s important to sort through the maze of chocolate options to find options that are both delicious and loaded with health benefits. Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and flavanoids,… [Continue Reading]

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