“Now that I know what works, it feels effortless!”

Before I started this program, I struggled with 5-7 pounds that I couldn’t shake and a frustrating skin rash.  After working with Andie, I lost the weight and have been able to keep it off!  I’ve switched my mentality to find the foods that work best for me, which has made such a difference.  In the past, I thought I should eat less fat to lose weight and eat certain foods that were supposedly “good for me”, but as a result I actually gained weight.  Now, I realize that I need to eat more of certain fats and have identified foods that were contributing to my symptoms.  Now that I know what works, it feels effortless.  And, I’ve enjoyed discovering new favorite foods with all of the recipes that Andie has suggested.

~ Jade Lu
Accounting, San Jose, CA

“Truly a life-changing and unforgettable experience”

I can’t say it enough – Andie is amazing!   This is truly a life-changing and unforgettable experience for me.  I have learned so much about my body, food, and how easy it is to make little changes to get yourself on the road to a healthy life style.  She took the time to really work with me, she addressed all my concerns, and gave great suggestions based on my needs for getting me to where I wanted to be.  My goal was to lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as well as learning how to eat in a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling way.  This program really taught me so much.  It was a lesson in health and a lesson in food.  Andie helped me understand how I could take control of both with out making any sacrifices and start feeling my best!  I cannot thank her enough for how much this experience has meant to me.   I can honestly say that I was 100 percent happy with all the elements of the program.  Andie is passionate about teaching and helping you learn and her continued support is the best part of it all!

~ Ava Ghiotti
Make-Up Artist, Los Angeles, CA

“I completely overhauled my way of eating”

With Andie, I completely overhauled my way of eating to emphasize fresh whole foods, more veggies, and balance my blood sugar. She made the whole experience not only tolerable, but fun and rewarding. I lost 25 lbs, my heartburn went away, and my bowel movements became regular among other results. Andie is very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way that motivated me to eat better and include regular exercise in my life. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!

~Howard Klein
Los Angeles, CA

“My problem areas chiseled down significantly!”

I felt really awesome about my accomplishment – that I had followed through with something good for my health.  I don’t have a scale – but I think I lost 7-8 lbs and my biggest problem areas chiseled down significantly!  I saw a difference in my face and upper arms too.  This is the first cleanse-type program I’ve ever done, but when I explained that it was “designed by a holistic nutritionist so it was actually good for me” people were surprisingly supportive!

~ Shoshi Parks
Owner, Modern Hound, San Francisco, CA


“It was a game changer for me!”

I decided to do this program with my wife mainly to support her.  I was also curious about making some changes to my diet, but I didn’t expect the big transformations that I experienced. Throughout working with Andie, I learned a lot about which foods work best for me and which are causing me to feel lousy and trigger allergies and eczema.  I’ve made permanent changes.  I am now 17 lbs lighter, eczema-free, and I’m no longer taking my allergy medication daily. My triglycerides are now normal and they’ve come down more than 300 points during this program!  I am happy that I took on this challenge and followed through – it was a game changer for me!

~ Jim Gilbane
TV Editor, Los Angeles, CA

“I got rid of those mid-day tired spells”

I completed the program in January – I lost weight, about 5 lbs, but the biggest difference was feeling so much lighter and energized!  Doing the program motivated me to return to yoga, which made me feel really good about myself. The weekly calls gave me something to look forward to and a milestone for completing each week.   I didn’t think the program would be so easy to follow AND I didn’t want to stop when it was over.  That definitely surprised me! Thanks to this program, I regained my energy, getting rid of those mid-day tired spells and I have continued to lose weight! Andie is such a pro! She makes you feel comfortable where you’re at and motivates you to keep pushing for a healthier lifestyle.

~ Jaymee Johnson
TV Producer, Denver, CO

“I began making better, supportive choices”

Working with you provided me with a feeling that “I can do it!”.  I felt so much better — and much more competent — and I immediately began making better, supportive choices.  It is as though I had received an infusion of positivity or courage or capableness (if that is even a word)!  So, thank you so very much!

~ Bhakti Fiori
Los Angeles, CA

“People are saying I look great!”

I am so happy that I did this program! By the second week I felt UNBELIEVABLE.  I used to need an energy drink or caffeine every afternoon to keep going.  All of a sudden I felt so energized naturally and felt very focused.  I was on fire and I started working out harder as well.  By week three, I lost 6 pounds – the winter weight that I wanted to lose – and I have kept it off.  I feel better about myself and know that I’ve done this the healthy way.  People are saying I look great and noticing that I am full of energy!  I had a great experience and have recommended this to so many people.

~ Missy Duckworth
Mother of 4 lucky kids, Castle Rock, CO

“My clothes are fitting me better!”

I wanted to jumpstart my weight loss and trying to be healthier overall in my last year in my 20′s.  I also wanted to find out if my body was having any negative reactions to foods that I might not have been aware of.  And, after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition last fall I wanted to make sure I was taking better care of my body and taking care of my health in any way I possibly could.  I lost about 4-5 pounds in the three weeks and have continued to eat healthy since the program ended and have continued to lose weight.  I am pretty sure I lost inches as well because my clothes are fitting me better!”   The different meals, the shopping list, and the online forum definitely made everything easier to understand and get help. The teleclasses were also a great way to feel I was getting more out of this than just trying to do it on my own. It made me feel more accountable. Having the support of Andie as well as my fellow community definitely helped and exceed my expectations. I didn’t realize how much having that support would help me to stick with it on days I was craving foods.

~ Megan Scott
TV Editor, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel full and satisfied after eating”

I wanted to understand what healthy eating looked like and to create a basic routine.  I received all of that and more, and I feel full and satisfied after eating for the first time in a long time.  Andie is extremely enthusiastic and caring which not only makes listening and comprehending the information possible, but gets you rejuvenated about the process yourself.  I was 100% satisfied with my experience, I would recommend Andie to my family and friends and would love to work with her again!”

~ Christine McDonald
Actor, Los Angeles, CA

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