What Does Stress Have To Do With Digestion?


You may be wondering what stress has to do with digestion. Or you may already know. You’ve likely felt butterflies in your stomach before a big event ~ a performance, your wedding, or even prior to a difficult conversation with your partner or boss. And in those moments you’re likely not thinking about french fries…. [Continue Reading]

5 Superfood Spices for the Holidays


Did you know that some of the superfood ingredients that can improve your health and vitality are likely hiding out in your very own kitchen?  They may be sneaking their way in to your holiday treats and dishes bringing warmth, sweetness, and nourishing goodness.I make a point to use these spices on a regular basis. … [Continue Reading]

Thriving Through the Holidays


The holidays are often a time of family gatherings … and if your family is anything like mine, food is the centerpiece.  With traditions and holiday favorite foods that often only show up at this time of year, it can be challenging to navigate the table while staying on your chosen dietary path.  Today, I… [Continue Reading]

Are We Really Talking Poop?


Am I really going to talk about poop?  Yes, indeed I am. While this isn’t a pleasant topic, it’s an issue that comes up a lot in my practice. For me poop is an indicator of a person’s health and it’s an important focus of our counseling while we restore the body back to its… [Continue Reading]

[Let's Get Moving] Packing the necessities

It’s a time of transition, isn’t it? The end of summer is drawing closer.  I’m growing nostalgic for back-to-school shopping and the beginning of a whole new year.  This time of year has that effect on me, not only because I was a school bug, but because my birthday is around the corner.  But, this… [Continue Reading]

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

After years of being bombarded with “low fat”, “fat free”, and “reduced fat” propaganda, it may come as a shock to hear that fat does not make you fat.  We’ve often pointed the finger at fats for nudging our cholesterol number up and expanding our waistlines.  Hey, it makes sense, right?  The fat that we… [Continue Reading]

Is Wanting to Lose Weight Stopping You?


When it comes to reaching your health goal, how badly do you want it? Whether you’re wanting to finally fit back into your ‘skinny’ jeans, have the energy to make it through the day and still be up for exercise, break free from your sugar addiction, or any other goal you’re working towards, ask yourself… [Continue Reading]

Good vs Bad Foods


I get a lot of questions about which foods are really “good” for us vs foods that are “bad” for us.   Many of us are creating lists in our mind about foods that are the good guys and foods that are the bad guys.  Perhaps you’ve wondered or wanted to ask me some of these… [Continue Reading]

3 Reasons You Should Lose Motivation


“I just don’t have any motivation!” is one of the main complaints that I hear (and face myself from time-to-time – yep, even me).  This common conundrum can be a real hang up.  It can stop you in your tracks, have you spiraling downward, and feeling stuck.  But, what if it’s all just a distraction?… [Continue Reading]

3 Dangers of Restrictive Diet Programs


I have to admit it – even when I was 30 lbs overweight and struggling to shed the extra pounds – I was never a good dieter.  As an overachiever, it’s rare that I don’t strive to follow through with my plans 100%.  But, something about the act of dieting felt completely unnatural to me,… [Continue Reading]

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