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Be Well Philosophy

Be Well Nutrition is a Functional Nutrition practice dedicated to the art of using food as medicine.  Through individual counseling with clients all over the globe, programs, and workshops, we aim to help you discover how to nourish your unique body and heal from the inside out.

Our work revolves around addressing the root imbalances that can result in a storm of symptoms and health conditions.  By building the body’s own resources, the body will heal itself and thrive.  It is in working with the body’s own natural wisdom that we can create optimal digestion, detoxification, immune function, balanced hormones, and more.  By minimizing the stressors to these body systems, the underlying inflammatory, weight, digestive, energy, mood, sleep, or immune patterns can be resolved.

At the heart of my service is an inspired connection to whole foods. It has been said that “there is no love sincerer than the love of food,” and I wholeheartedly agree that food should be enjoyed, celebrated and loved!
-Andie Jones, Functional Nutritionist, Founder of Be Well Nutrition

While our bodies are complex, powerful, and deeply intelligent, with optimal nutrition our bodies can do what they are designed to do best – thrive!  It is our aim to provide education, resources, and accountability for you to navigate through dietary change and create sustainable lifestyle habits.

We believe nutrition is more than just the food we eat. It is the quality of all of the elements that nourish us – relationships, fulfillment, attitude, movement, creativity, and spirituality. Our approach is holistic in that we work with the whole you.

We believe that each of us has unique health needs and our Be Well Nutrition services are personalized to meet your individual needs, biochemistry, habits, and lifestyle. We combine the best principles of scientific evidence, alternative modalities, integrative and functional medicine, and the wisdom of ancient traditions to inform our customized recommendations.

In creating health and happiness, it is our intention that you will feel empowered to live your life to your fullest potential.


Are you ready to:

  • Lose fat & balance metabolism
  • Boost energy & vitality
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Manage cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Cleanse & detoxify
  • Overcome digestive problems or IBS
  • Identify food sensitivities & allergies
  • Regulate mood & sleep
  • Overcome acne & skin conditions
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Support your immune system and autoimmune conditions
  • Discover deliciously healthy foods and simplify meal planning & preparation


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Being a Replenish Resident

Relenish Resident logo

This year, I’m proud to announce that I’ve been selected to be part of an exclusive one-year Residency Program with Andrea Nakayama from Replenish (PDX). Replenish is a functional nutrition practice that embraces the connection between food and nutrition, combined with each person’s unique physiology, as essential healing modalities for all levels of  health conditions and disease. Andrea is one of the most well-respected and comprehensive functional nutritionists in the nation, and its an honor to be hand-picked to be part of this select team of residents.

As a Replenish Resident, I work privately with Andrea to receive ongoing guidance and insight on the most current and effective nutritional protocols, treatments and coaching available. As a Resident team member, I work collaboratively with a team of specialists that all focus on different areas of functional nutrition as they relate to particular health conditions. In addition, each of these team members brings extensive education, experience and passion to the collective group. From psychology to immune conditioning to digestive function, each team member has been selected and chosen to focus their practice and teachings at a deeper level so to better serve each of our clientele.

Ultimately, Replenish teaches how to tap into “your own unique body’s wisdom.” This level of intuitively understanding the mechanisms of the body on all levels is aligned so deeply with my own beliefs and the reason why I have dedicated myself to the art of healing. This philosophy combined with the clinical focus of Replenish creates a deeper awareness and level of health that I’m eager to spread.  I’m excited to bring this knowledge and experience to all of you!

As my client, you have access to all that Replenish offers through me and the collaborative effort and focus that will be brought to your individualized care.  I hope you are as equally as excited as I am that when you are a part of Be Well Nutrition, you are also part of an extensive Replenish team dedicated to your success.

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