[Let's Get Moving] Packing the necessities

It’s a time of transition, isn’t it?

The end of summer is drawing closer.  I’m growing nostalgic for back-to-school shopping and the beginning of a whole new year.  This time of year has that effect on me, not only because I was a school bug, but because my birthday is around the corner.  But, this year in particular I’m ready for BIG changes because …

I’m moving!

After nearly 15 years in Southern California, I’m being called back to Colorado where I was born and raised.  I’m ready to plant my roots near family and experience the change of seasons.

And, I’d like to invite you to come with me.  

In the midst of transition, life can feel a little unstable.  The simple acts of taking care of yourself can be overwhelming.  Time is stretched, routines are interrupted, and demands are running high.  It’s a lot to hold yourself through.

So, over the coming weeks, I’d like to take you on the journey through a big transition.  Through the ups and downs of change, I will share with you how I support myself and my health.  With each twist and turn, you can not only survive, you can thrive!

First, I’m packing my non-negotiables.  

This first stage of transition is filled with heightened emotion.  Excitement, anticipation, and even a tinge of anxiety for what’s to come.  As I prepare for this journey, I am making sure to back my bags with all of the necessities to get me through and help me feel grounded.  I call these my non-negotiables.  Without these pieces of my self-care puzzle, I’m sure to unravel.

Here’s what’s in my bag of necessities:

1.  Deep breaths.
With everything on my plate, I’m remembering to breathe deeply.  It sounds so simple, yet the calming effect of a deep belly breath is profound.  Give it a try with a deep inhale to the count of five and then a long, slow exhale.  See what I mean?

2.  Hydration.
Water keeps things flowing.  Did you know the nutrient that we need in the largest quantity is water?  Your body should be at least 60% water, and you are constantly losing water through your sweat, urine, breath, and poop.

Being even a tad dehydrated increases the body’s stress hormone cortisol.  And, during times of stress, you’ll lose water faster.  You must replenish often!  My tactic is to keep a water bottle on hand at all times and take sips often throughout the day.  I’ll even spice it up with slices of lemon or cucumber.

By the way I suggest ditching the plastic and opting for a non-toxic reusable water bottle.  Here’s my favorite: SIGG.

3.  Movement.  
I’m talking about moving my body, working up a sweat, and getting my heart pumping!  While I struggle with making enough time for exercise, it’s one of my keys to feeling vibrant and balanced.

With the release of endorphins, I feel more calm and centered.  Plus, exercising gives me time to clear my thoughts and I end up feeling even more energized.  During this move, I’m committing to one spinning class each week and at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.  When timing is tight, I’ll be taking a fast walk through the neighborhood or streaming a video from Exercise TV.

4.  Pleasure.
Most people dread the act of moving … it can be a lot of work!  So, I’m staying focused on bringing an element of fun and pleasure to each day.  For me, that looks like playing a soundtrack of my favorite tunes, planning farewell meet ups with friends, and curling up with a cup of tea and a So You Think You Can Dance episode in the evenings.  :)   Here’s a song from my moving soundtrack to get your toes tapping.

So, Let’s Get Moving!

What shifts are you experiencing right now?  
The kids are heading back to school (or perhaps you are!), you’re winding down from summer travel, starting a new relationship, moving into a new home, or beginning a new job.  Or perhaps you’re looking to create a big change in your own life.  Now is the time to get started, and come along with me!

What are your non-negotiables?
Create your own list of the bare necessities you will focus on to feel like you’re taking care of yourself well during the changes.

Stay tuned for more strategies!

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