“Now that I know what works, it feels effortless!”

Before I started this program, I struggled with 5-7 pounds that I couldn’t shake and a frustrating skin rash.  After working with Andie, I lost the weight and have been able to keep it off!  I’ve switched my mentality to find the foods that work best for me, which has made such a difference.  In the past, I thought I should eat less fat to lose weight and eat certain foods that were supposedly “good for me”, but as a result I actually gained weight.  Now, I realize that I need to eat more of certain fats and have identified foods that were contributing to my symptoms.  Now that I know what works, it feels effortless.  And, I’ve enjoyed discovering new favorite foods with all of the recipes that Andie has suggested.

~ Jade Lu
Accounting, San Jose, CA

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