3 Reasons You Should Lose Motivation

“I just don’t have any motivation!” is one of the main complaints that I hear (and face myself from time-to-time – yep, even me).  This common conundrum can be a real hang up.  It can stop you in your tracks, have you spiraling downward, and feeling stuck.  But, what if it’s all just a distraction?

See, the way I see it, motivation isn’t the real problem.  Motivation is a temporary strategy, but it naturally fizzles out from time to time.  Motivation doesn’t keep us going for the long haul.  Yet, you may be relying on it for consistency and finding yourself frustrated when you can’t seem to muster it up.

Instead of motivation, look at tapping into your inspiration.  Motivation may give you good reasons to take an action, but it’s inspiration that really moves you.  Motivation is like having a tank full of gas, and inspiration is your consuming need to drive the car and feel the wind in your hair.  Let’s take a look at 3 reason why inspiration beats motivation every time:

#1 – Be Pulled Into Action.
Motivation can push you to move forward with precise steps.  Typically, motivation involves a lot of “keeping track” – goal setting, checklists, deadlines, finish lines, and “should”ing.  There is even a fear of loss or failing involved if we don’t do it right.  Inspiration operates from an entirely different realm of infinite possibility where you are pulled into action by a magnetic force that shifts and evolves.  Inspiration defies reasons and calls you into action … just because!

#2 – Create an Internal Fire.
Motivations often rely on external sources (looking hot in a bathing suit, getting noticed by someone special, getting a promotion, etc.).  The challenge is, once this external motivation is gone, it’s gone.  You’ll find yourself slipping backwards pretty fast without a quick replacement.  And, let’s face it – it often doesn’t come soon enough.

Inspiration, on the other hand, is generated internally like a fire that burns regardless of what happens externally.  Inspiration doesn’t operate in the same confines as motivation.  It can be tapped into at any point. 

#3 – The Guilt Factor. 
Motivation breeds guilt.  When you lack it, you’ll often beat yourself up and think something must be wrong with you.  After swirling around in a whirlpool of despair, when you finally do get back into action, you might create from this space of guilt and choose actions that are “punishing” or based on the feeling that we might not be able to follow through.

Inspiration is forgiving.  Inspiration does not operate in the realm of “right” and “wrong”.  When things do not go as planned, inspiration leaves you itching to get back on the wagon ASAP without judgement!  In the absence of action OR in the presence of action, inspiration exists like a longing for more.

The challenge I see with private clients, is that they arrive without any awareness about their inspiration because they are too focused on motivation.  Once you discover your inspiration, you can ignite excitement and create systems to stay connected to your inspired vision.

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