3 Dangers of Restrictive Diet Programs

I have to admit it – even when I was 30 lbs overweight and struggling to shed the extra pounds – I was never a good dieter.  As an overachiever, it’s rare that I don’t strive to follow through with my plans 100%.  But, something about the act of dieting felt completely unnatural to me, and as a result I would completely fail.  Depriving myself, counting calories, and enforcing strict rules and restrictions meant I was not really living!

It turns out, that losing weight using a restrictive diet program is not effective in the long run.  Most dieters gain back their weight and even more, it can also be hazardous to your health.  Let’s look at 3 major dangers of restrictive diet programs:

#1 – Your Body Needs Nutrients
Most restrictive diet programs focus on cutting out certain nutrient groups – carbs, fats, or proteins.  If a certain food group is avoided, there can be a gap in the nutrition that the dieter is taking in, and this will create deficiency in the long run.  This deficiency can cause numerous health problems.  Nutrient deficiency is also one of the main causes of cravings, which of course can lead to binging and weight gain.

#2 – Your Metabolism Needs Calories
If calorie intake is restricted, the body will slow down metabolism, and when the diet program is over and food intake is back to normal, the body is not burning as much calories and the dieter will gain the weight back just by eating the normal amount.

Restricted caloric intake also affects metabolism and can have an impact on thyroid function, and can potentially lead to hypothyroidism.

#3 – Restriction Backfires
Restrictive diets are not sustainable. They can be alienating, and have an impact on the dieter’s social life, relationships, and happiness.  As one of my mentors, Geneen Roth, says, “For every diet, there will be an equal binge.”  The result of restriction often backfires, leading the dieter to overeat and make poor food choices to balance the deprivation.  This is one of the explanations of why most dieters end up gaining the weight back – and then some.

On the other hand, a balanced lifestyle that includes a variety of wholesome foods and activities is sustainable, and is the best way to combat cravings and keep your metabolism running high. A few dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to pleasurable and effortless weight loss that can bring you a lifetime of benefits.

They key is sticking with it, so that the results last.  So, how do you create a balanced lifestyle for the long run?  I believe it’s essential to find ways to incorporate healthy foods and activities that you ENJOY.  I have seen this time and again in my life and with my clients – if you love your routine, you will have no problem sticking with it!

Are you ready to create a healthy lifestyle that you love and ditch diets altogether?  Click here to learn about scheduling your very won Personalized Discovery Session to uncover a customized plan just for you, and get in action.

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