Top 9 Strategies to NOT Gain Weight This Winter (… and even lose fat fast!)

1.    Shiver – single-digit snowstorms probably aren’t your favorite weather, but knowing you’re burning fat might make them a little more tolerable. When you shiver, your muscles involuntarily clench to generate heat. As a result, you burn up to four times as many calories as your cold-weather escaping friends lying on a breezy beach in Honolulu. Rubbing your hands together and shifting feet to stay warm steps up calorie burning another notch.

2. Sleep longer – turn off your TV, stop wasting hours on Facebook, and use darker winter hours to get more zzz’s. A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine compared two groups of overweight, healthy participants on calorie-restricted diets who slept either 8.5 or 5.5 hours each night for two weeks. What a difference those three hours made: the 8.5-hour group burned 400 more calories every night, lost more fat, preserved more muscle, and woke up less hungry than the 5.5-hour group.

3. Warm up with soup – make soup a cold-weather staple and bypass the winter weight gain. A study in Obesity Research showed people who ate two servings of lower-calorie soup lost 50% more weight than people who ate the same amount of calories in higher-calorie snack foods. Soup makes it easy to combine hunger- busting protein, veggies, and fibrous starches like lentils and beans in a chicken or vegetable broth. Hot liquid-based foods like soup also force you to slow down so you eat less and get full faster.

4. Hot green tea – skip the sugar-loaded Starbucks latte for a calming cup of naturally sweet hot green tea. Green tea curbs your appetite so you’re less tempted to order that 480-calorie cinnamon chip scone. Sipping green tea throughout the day also generates body heat so you stay warm and burn more fat. A study in Physiology & Behavior,    for    instance,    concluded    that    green    tea    helps    improves    energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

5. Try a new sport – running isn’t an option with the sleet and wind, your gym’s become packed with hibernators hogging machines, and the dark hours inspire you to hide under the covers rather than move. Look at cold weather not as a limitation, but an opportunity to discover a new, exciting sport that helps you to get off the couch, into a groove, and fight off the winter blahs. Indoor rock climbing (burst training to the extreme), a Zumba class, or snow-skiing all make fun, challenging, fast fat loss cold-weather exercise options.

6. Don’t stress out – December brings overcrowded shopping malls, familial tension, and year-end work deadlines. Feeling the pressure? Stress raises cortisol, which makes you store fat. Put down the double-shot candy cane martini and grab Relora from Thorne Research. This powerful botanical-blend formula helps you reduce stress, balance cortisol, and relieve tension and anxiety. In other words, you’ll probably want to keep a bottle nearby when you open your post-holiday credit card bills.

7. Support optimal digestion (especially if you overindulge) – your normally rational aunt becomes a tyrannical carb pusher during the holidays and you engulf enough calories on New Year’s Eve to feed a small country. Compensate your dietary recklessness with good digestive support. BioGest and Plantizyme, both from Thorne Research, even help your digestive system adequately break down that instantly regrettable triple chocolate mint brownie your favorite co-worker brought to the office.

8.    Curb your appetite – you ate lunch two hours ago, so why did you just mindlessly devour two lukewarm Cinnabons at the mall food court? Hunger strikes when you least expect it and leads you to commit various forms of carbicide. Appestacin from Thorne Research can become your best ally to put the brakes on the baklava. This unique supplement combines therapeutic herbs with time-release caffeine to help stymie your appetite, boost your energy, stimulate fast fat loss, and promote a positive mood.

9. Maintain your good habits – you stayed disciplined with your New Year’s resolutions and maintained fast fat loss through the winter. Maintenance can prove the most challenging part of weight loss, and unfortunately you always need to maintain. Think of Satiecin from Thorne Research as willpower in a bottle. This unique formula combines therapeutic nutrients like 5-HTP to balance neurotransmitters and blood sugar levels so you’re far less tempted to have that chocolate croissant along with your grande green tea.

Article courtesy of Thorne Research. Please contact us for information on ordering the products recommended in this article.

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