3 Steps to Your Perfect Diet

While the latest diet craze might try to convince you that there’s a single foolproof way of eating that works for everyone, I’m sure your life experience has taught you otherwise.  If you’ve ever traded diet strategies with a friend, you’ll know what I mean.

Your friend may have thrived on a vegan diet, but when you tried it you felt tired, bloated and started packing on pounds.  You may have raved about your results on the Atkins Diet, but had friends who didn’t drop a pound, felt sluggish and started gagging at the thought of another slice of bacon!  So, who’s right?  The truth is … you both are.

Now, let me clarify for those of you that cringe when you hear the word “diet”:  I’m using the word “diet” here to illustrate a specific way of eating.  I’m NOT referring to a calorie-restriction food strategy that you’d follow temporarily to lose weight.  While food can be a source of enjoyment and pleasure, on a fundamental level food is really a source of fuel for our bodies.  And, when you realize that our bodies are just as unique on the inside as they are on the outside, then it makes sense that we all need different foods.

To illustrate this concept, you can think of your body as a type of car.  If you’re a sporty red 2011 BMW 5-Series, you’re going to require a different fuel grade than a bright yellow 1951 Ford F-1 Pickup, right?

So, how do you figure out a way of eating that is best for your unique body?  First, start giving your own body’s communication more credence than any of the diet books, media headlines, or late-night infomercials.  You are your own best judge of whether the way you’re eating is really working for you.  What messages is your body giving you?  If you’re struggling to reach a healthy weight, you’re relying on caffeine and sugar for pick-me-ups, or you feel hungry all the time, those are a few signs that your body is trying to tell you something.

Next, I suggest this 3-step formula that I take my private clients through:

#1 – CLEAN your food and clean your body.  Take a look at what you’re eating to determine what you’re putting in your body.  If you’re consuming foods with “fake” ingredients that are manufactured in a lab, you’re bogging your system down with toxicity and substances that your body wasn’t designed to handle.  Your liver is likely overwhelmed with the quantity of substances that it has to process.  This overload results in many of the annoying, and sometimes debilitating, symptoms that you experience like headaches, fatigue, sluggishness, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, AND even fat storage.  Yep, that muffin top or spare tire is not just stored energy — it’s stored toxins!

Action: eat real food and cleanse your body through periodically using gentle and effective cleanse and detoxification strategies.

#2 – BALANCE your body by finding the right fuel mix for you.  This means narrowing in on the right energy mix for your body, so that you experience a stable energy buzz all day long and kick those hunger pangs and cravings to the curb.  When you give your body the wrong type of fuel, your body is going to feel like it’s running on an empty tank while much of the food you eat is getting stored as fat.  Your body may require more protein, carbohydrates, or fat than what you’re currently eating.  In fact, your requirements might be radically different than anything you’ve ever heard before!  By looking at your current level of activity, symptoms, body type, family history, lifestyle, and genetics, we can narrow in to the right fuel mix for you.  When you find the right balance for you, you’ll naturally want to eat this way because you’ll feel SO incredible!

Action: find a the balance of nutrients and food sources that gives you sky-high energy and allows excess weight to fall away naturally.

#3 – CUSTOMIZE your foods and routine to keep you healthy for good.  By further dialing in your nutrient levels, eating habits, types of activities, and your own outlook, you can get a leg up by creating a plan that perfectly fits your biological needs AND your personal desires.  This stage involves a deeper look at your physiology through lab testing to learn more about what’s going on in your body and genetic testing to discover your genetic blueprint.  This information, balanced with your own personal preferences and desires, will allow you to create a diet and lifestyle plan that optimizes nutrients to protect you from any health risks and create a way of eating and living that you truly enjoy!

Solution: learn more about your unique biochemistry, then optimize your food and lifestyle choices for long, healthy, and deliciously enjoyable life!

Do you want to find the perfect way of eating for YOU?  Contact me to request a Weight Release Discovery Session and uncover how this 3-step formula applies to you.

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